The customer is a diocese in Germany. A diocese is an ecclesiastical administrative district. The customer serves over 800,000 Catholics and covers an area in two German states.

  • IBM Mainframe with the operating system z/VSE
  • Windows workstations
  • Datenbases Adabas and MS SQL Server

The customer's goal was to replace the existing IT infrastructure with new platforms and applications. The prerequisite for the start of the migration was the loading of approximately 70 Adabas tables to MS SQL Server. During the migration, the timely bidirectional synchronisation of changes on both platforms was extremely important.


During the migration of the Adabas tables to MS SQL Server, special technical conditions in the storage format of Adabas had to be taken into account. tcVISION supports these technical variants and offers various options to implement them in a relational environment. The migration was performed in stages, one application area per stage.

During the migration, both platforms (z/VSE and Windows) have equal rights.

The bidirectional replication ensures that changes that have already been made on one platform are not replicated back via the capturing process (tcVISION loopback procedure). Since all replication processes are documented in detail in log files by tcVISION, the customer has developed its own evaluation and monitoring tools that access these log files.


The customer was able to go live with the process in a fairly short time and the migration project was completed in a much shorter period of time than originally planned. By using tcVISION, the diocese has created modern applications that are used online by the parishes of the diocese, thus providing the greatest possible transparency in the administration of the parishes and their citizens.

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