The business includes international trade as well as the import and wholesale of petroleum products. In addition, the company is involved in the areas of gas stations, end-consumer business, lubricants, biofuels and bunker service. With its subsidiaries and representative offices, the customer is represented in all important regions of the world.

  • IBM Mainframe with the operating system z/VSE
  • Windows workstations
  • VSAM and MS SQL Server

All of the customer's applications have emerged over the past few decades and are tailored to the company's business processes. Nevertheless, the decision was made to migrate to new systems and new technologies. The previous old system was difficult to manage because the necessary know-how was no longer available or difficult to find. The primary goal was a so-called smooth migration. This meant a completely new development of the trading solution in the Microsoft .Net environment. The legacy system under VSE was to be used as a “blueprint” and replaced in phases.


The challenge for this project is to keep the data in both system worlds as synchronized as possible in real time. This is the only way to phase out the legacy system. The migration was implemented using mirror tables with the help of tcVISION in order to replicate the data from both platforms in both directions. The loopback process available in tcVISION ensures that changes are not replicated back to the source system after the adaptation in the target system.

After a short implementation phase, the project was taken over into production in several phases.


The customer carried out the migration to the new system environment faster than originally planned - and thus saved considerable costs for the continued use of the legacy system. With the help of tcVISION, the customer's IT landscape was converted to the most modern technologies and has thus grown to meet the challenges and requirements of the global economy.

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